21.01 We Made it!


I promise I won't be this dramatic throughout the entirety of this post, but thought I'd let you know what's been going on with me and Gee during these last few weeks.

2020 is over! To be completely honest 2021 feels like a slippery slope so far BUT we’re treading lightly, and slowly..very slowly.

I must admit the first few weeks of this year have been somewhat different to what I am normally used to. Despite the change in climate, environment, country, and at this point in time…when the world has decided to submerge itself into utter chaos, my life has been a heck of a lot calmer to what it normally was.

For starters ...

…I’ve finally taken the plunge and took this as a time to focus on my illustration work and my wee brand, GEE, full-time. The move to Edinburgh has been at the back of my mind for a while and this felt like the right time to make this jump (yes, I know, I know – couldn’t have chosen a better time 😷) But all joking aside, this fresh start in a sense has affected me in ways I didn’t know were going to be affected. There’s still so much to do and explore, since we’re still locked down and moving around is limited to a certain extent, but the walks I’ve been on have been so refreshing…Not to my fingers though, I could swear I was about to lose one of ’em last week; new rule to add to my brain “You shall always wear gloves when leaving your house”. And while we’re on the topic, here’s a quick sketch I made, mainly inspired by all the frost, icicles and frozen ponds I came across –

I’m slowly sorting things out, and by things I mean trying to accept the fact that my little felines are no longer readily available for a cuddle. Dang.
I’m also working on sorting a few details out for the shop since I’m obviously changing postal services and am trying to make the entire experience as easy and affordable as possible for you awesome people out there <3

This Christmas was rather overwhelming I must say, the support I got was indescribable! Seeing you enjoying the prints and coasters and actually gifting them made me beyond happy, so I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Whether reading, sharing, buying, commenting – it all means so much! 

I also thought I’d share a design I worked on last week. This is actually for a competition I entered but the idea has really intrigued me, and was actually thinking of working on these as a potential product for the shop. Would you wear these little alien feet? I’ve gotten quite some positive feedback so do let me know if this is something that would interest you! You can find some more information on these over on my Instagram page.

Do let me know below what you think!

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Well buds, I think this is where my January updates will pause at for now. It’s been great getting back to writing, hope you’re all staying safe, and healthy, and warm, and positive, and well being you. Once again I’d like to thank you so so so so so much for all the support throughout these last months, and here’s to more exciting times ahead!

Gee, over and out!