26.09 Earth Day Illustrations

Hi! Seeing as I’ve been so quiet lately, thought I’d pop in over here and give a well-needed update. 
As you may or may not know, I moved to Edinburgh last December, and although I cannot begin to understand how it’s already almost been a year, living in this beautiful city has really opened my eyes to new experiences and overall mindsets.

Aside from the beautiful architecture, arts and cultural spaces, oh and climate, what probably struck me the most is the abundance of greenery this city has to offer. I’m lucky enough to be living in an area that’s surrounded by multiple parks and gardens, including the Botanical Gardens themselves, which have been a source of so much serenity (I know I know – getting all poetic). But really, I hadn’t realised how much I needed the green open spaces, heck I even went for a short run (or flailing of arms as I jogged across a small area of grass) which felt so liberating! and realising that these spaces have become such a rare commodity back in Malta saddens me.

So! As I sit here reflecting on the past few magical months, I thought of sharing a closer look into 2 of the works I illustrated last April. These were inspired by 2 of the prompts provided for Earth Day 2021 – ‘Energy’ and ‘Biodiversity’. While I’m honestly one to allow the work narrate its own stories, all I will say is that Mother Nature really deserves our respect, and with so many bigger, global problems happening around us – it’s our small collective efforts (even though too small to even go noticed) that can help shape a greener path for us all (and here’s hoping certain people and authorities in Malta get the hint🌲🌲🌲  Our island will only remain ‘ħelwa’ as long as we keep it that way.

The figure of Mother Nature embracing a glowing Earth, as its source of energy. The image is set on a dark, starry background, with the pale figure of Mother Nature and her long, sea-like hair.

Energy, 2021

The figure of Mother Nature surrounded symbols representing Earth and water. She is encircled by illustrations of a polar bear, whale and bird, with a tree, encircled by a tree and waves. The illustration is set on a dark starry background with mother nature at its centre

Biodiversity, 2021

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Gee, over and out.