27.02 A New Language


Last year I decided to subscribe to a weekly life drawing class with Drawing Cabaret Couture, a London-based company who focus on immensely inspiring and artistic life drawing classes.

They collaborate with various designers and makers within the fashion industry, and create a weekly theme for each session.
Subscribing to these sessions has been so beneficial, not only in terms of the ideas they produce but also in terms of productivity. It’s been a creatively draining year as most of us can relate to and having a weekly appointment to just let go, and not worry about the end result has really strengthened my interest in fashion illustration and creative fashion in general.

I’ll admit, I’ve always had such an interest in this area of illustration, and always rather enjoyed watching runway shows. My first collection, Qatra Qatra, was inspired by the changing fashions throughout the eras after looking at the endless collection of images I hoarded on my Pinterest boards over the years and binging one very stylish Mrs. Maisel. These online high fashion couture inspired sessions have introduced me to so many wonderful artists and designers within the community and have really opened my eyes to the truly artistic and creative side of fashion. I’ll admit, I’m not always in the right frame of mind to be sitting down and sketching for 2 hours, especially when some pieces resonate less than others, but it’s so much fun accepting the fact that I am not always creating a work of art and in doing so experimenting in ways I rarely used to before.

We’ve drawn valentine’s and holiday themed sessions, to ones inspired by artists like Klimt and Dali to moving kinetic garments and balloon-based pieces. They’ve really helped me in my figure drawing practice, an area I had been putting off improving on for years. Needless to say the discovery of this company and their sessions has been a mental and creative boost to my work, especially in combining these elements within my illustration work. I am itching to share what I’ve been working on and how I’ve been developing some of these pieces! But these are all for another time…in the meantime though I should be updating my portfolio with some of the better fashion illustration works (yes there are aaaalot of messes haha but that’s part of the fun and the development of it all!). Oh! and the shop! Some of these might make it there too! And in case you wanted to check them out : www.drawingcabaretcouture.com

Gee, over and out.