28.09 Of MAs and Coasters

Oh gee hi! It’s so good to have you here! I’m so excited to share this month’s work with you. It’s been a heck of a crazy few months, from finishing my MA course, to illustrating a new children’s book, while reminding myself to take care of my mental health.

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MA Illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art

So back to August and September!

This was a whirlwind of a year, filled with so many emotions – but all in all, very rewarding. I feel I’ve made leaps in my illustrative work during the time I spent working on my MA, given myself time to find more direction, focus and the most exciting part of all: I’ve developed a picture book called ‘When the Moon Disappears’. You might have seen a few snaps of this on my Instagram, but thought of sharing a few of my sketches here. 

The story is a visual journey of self-healing and overcoming childhood trauma. It tells the story of a young girl named Yara, who is haunted by her grief. When it feels like her sadness has overcome her and her guiding moonlight has disappeared, Yara discovers that the darkness holds more than just her fear and trauma and that she is, in fact, not alone. Laden with memories and emotions, will she be able to outrun It or is It the key to re-igniting the light?

This little guy here was the first sketch I created, a sketch I had no idea would lead into such an elaborate and exciting process! The rest are all taken from different parts of this exploration – I’ve dabbled in embroidery, printing, and book-making, and have so many ideas to continue working on these!

2022 Coaster Product Launch!

In 2018, I launched my Qatra Qatra collection during my first solo exhibition in Malta. It was a considerably stressful yet exciting point in my life, even more so since it was the first I launched my work out to the world! This was probably the first collection I had completed with my then brand-spanking new iPad on Procreate. The response was insane – got so much support from friends, family and exhibition visitors! Now just to get to the point here – during this exhibition I launched coasters with the character designs I created for the collection, which sold out rather quickly. This year I finally decided to bring them back and tada! Here they are!

The coasters come in sets of 6, they are square, 9x9cm, with designs you can find at the link here…and up here.

I am still in the process of setting up my online shop again, just have to sort out a few details with regards to shipping costs mostly BUT if you would like to get your own set of these lovely ladies, send me an email or a message on Instagram and we can arrange shipping and postage. 💙

I think this is where I’ll finish off for now. I just wanted to thank you for taking time out of your day to read this wee (ish) ramble, and for your support as I grow this lovely community! 

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