Poster Design and Illustrated Marketing

Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival

 Poster Design

The design of this poster was chosen as the winner in a competition issued to students in Scottish universities. The theme of the 2022 Belladrum Festival was myths and legends and I based the design on the mythical, one-eyed Celtic goddess – the Cailleach, interwoven with the Scottish landscape.

With the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival being homegrown in Scotland’s Highlands, I decided to focus the concept of the artwork for this proposal around the myth of the Cailleach. The Cailleach, or the old hag of Scotland, was believed to have formed the Scottish hills and mountains through rocks that she dropped from her wicker basket and shaped these landscapes using a hammer. She is a divine goddess, a protector of the earth, the sky, the sun, and the moon. The “hag” is described as having one eye, white hair, and crimson teeth.

Read more about the concept and festival: BBCInverness Courier

Text and band line-ups in the poster are done by the Belladrum team.

In addition to the poster, the artwork was also used for the festival’s marketing, reusable festival cups, lanyards, staff & crew wristbands and the main stage scrim.

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