Commissioned Work

Irvin Vella – Il-Kaz tat-Tfajla Mahtufa

Irvin Vella – Il-Każ tat-Tfajla Maħtufa Irvin Vella: Il-Każ tat-Tfajla Maħtufa (Irvin Vella Private Investigator)Book Illustration “Is-sitt misteru għall-iktar investigatur popolari fil-letteratura Maltija għat-tfal: Irvin Vella Il-Pulizija qed tinvestiga l-ħtif ta’ Jess Green, tfajla ta’ tmintax-il sena li kienet btala Malta. Kollox jindika li l-ħati huwa wieħed imsejjaħ il-Vleġġa. Iżda Irvin Vella mhux konvint. Published …

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The 20s Take Two Exhibition Bubbling – 20s Take Two ExhbitionExhibition The piece, ‘Bubbling’, was inspired by the recent emergence of the verb ‘to bubble’, which in the current cultural climate depicts the choice of choosing who joins your ‘social bubble’. The illustration takes the term literally and heightens the concept of people keeping to …

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Il-Familja Frattarija u d-Dar li Tagħtas

Il-Familja Frattarija u d-Dar li Tagħtas Il-Familja Frattarija u d-Dar li Taghtas (The House that Sneezed)Book Illustration The story follows the family Frattarija, in particular the mishaps and adventures of the youngest twins – Stella and Tizja, and their encounter with one fat cat and a house..that sneezes. Winner of the Terramaxka Prize for Literature …

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Ninu NinuPoster Design & Marketing Assets This is a poster design for the production Ninu, held at Spazju Kreattiv in 2019. Ninu is an original theatre piece in Maltese. Written by Anton Saliba. Directed by Bettina Paris, Coproduced by Spazju Kreattiv in collaboration with ŻiguŻajg. The project included creating 5 character designs, a poster and marketing …

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Qatra Qatra Qatra Qatra (or drip drop) is a collection of character illustrations, personifying popular beverages, created for a solo exhibition at Café Society in 2018. The bar itself was a great source of inspiration in the materialisation and development of the work, which is inspired by the French Belle Époque, its high fashion, fine …