Illustrations for a theatre production at Spazju Kreattiv

Ninu follows the coming of age story of a young boy throughout his journey towards adulthood. In an ever more connected and globalised society, he struggles in his search for identity and purpose, which fuels his overwhelming anxiety and threatens to destroy everything that was once dear to him. How much is he willing to sacrifice in order to fit in and feel connected to the world he lives in? The show explores the complexities of growing up, the pressures placed on us by society and their effect on our mental health.

Ninu is an original theatre piece in Maltese.
Written by Anton Saliba. Directed by Bettina Paris, Coproduced by Spazju Kreattiv in collaboration with ŻiguŻajg. (Blurb taken from the Spazju Kreattiv website)

Below are the character designs, illustrations and promotional material for the production of NINU in 2019.